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Luxury Apartment Dedicated Theater

When you are asked to design a theater that can sit up to 18 guests, you know you are going to have to go big.  As an amenity to a high end apartment complex we wanted to be sure that the experience was up to the same level as the rest of the facility.  We installed a commercial grade laser projector from Optoma mated to a 160” Acoustically Transparent video screen.  With this type of screen, we were able to install the front speakers behind the screen just like in the local cineplex.  We added two large subwoofer and side and rear speakers for the best sound.  However, a large room requires sound treatment so we installed acoustic panels to tune the room.  This sharpened the sound imaging and made the room feel more intimate.

Finally, we installed a Savant wall mounted touch-panel for the guests to use to control the system. 

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